'Música del Mar' is a unique blend of chillout, Spanish, classical, jazz, new age and world music, sometimes combined with pop, rock or dance music, performed live by award-winning guitarist / singer / composer Kalle Rademacker (aka "Sunny") on Spanish guitar, Oud (11-string Persian lute), and electric guitar.

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Music to chill out to and get tuned into nature...

This page features Kalle ("Sunny") playing renditions of compositions by others.
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>> "A Day At The Beach" - Chillout guitar (9MB)
Based on the track 'Innocence' by Jo Manji, Kalle ("Sunny") transforms this chillout tune with his own melodies and rhythmic ideas.

>> "Samba Pa Ti" - Spanish guitar (8MB)
Written by Carlos Santana, Kalle ("Sunny") plays his own version on a Spanish guitar.

>> "Europa" - Electric guitar (7MB)
Written by Carlos Santana, Kalle ("Sunny") plays this beautiful tune on electric guitar
as well as a later version with Spanish guitar.

>> "Lovers In Paradise" - Romantic guitar (11MB)
Kalle ("Sunny") often invents his own melodic ideas over eclectic 'new age' soundscapes. On this recording, he created two melody lines intertwining in harmony like two lovers, 
with added nature sounds creating the atmosphere of a beautiful paradise.

>> "Entre Dos Aguas" - Spanish guitar (10MB)
Written by Paco de Lucia, Kalle ("Sunny") plays a new version of this flamenco
guitar piece with a special Spanish classical guitar introduction composed by
Manuel Ponce (b.1882).

>> "Romanza" - Classical guitar (3MB)
Composed by Manuel Ponce (b.1882), Kalle ("Sunny") plays this piece among
his classical & Spanish guitar repertoire.

>> "Europa" acoustic version - Spanish guitar (7MB)
Written by Carlos Santana, Kalle ("Sunny") plays his own rendition on a Spanish guitar.

>> "Song Of The Sea" (Earth Lagoon) - Spanish guitar (16MB)
Kalle ("Sunny") often opens and finishes his performance with his own music, playing Spanish guitar over a soundscape of ocean waves, the spirit breathing with nature
- it's 'Música del Mar'.


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>> "Albatross" (request to hear >>) - Spanish guitar (10MB)
Written by Fleetwood Mac, Kalle ("Sunny") has created a new version with Spanish guitar and his own 'sunrise' intro and 'sunset' outro entitled "Moon Lagoon"
(Laguna de la Luna).

>> "Once Upon A Time In The West" (request to hear >>) - Film music (6MB)
Written by Italian composer Ennio Morricone (b.1928), Kalle ("Sunny") creates a new dimension to the music by adding his own melodic electric guitar playing.

>> "Winnetou" (request to hear >>) - Film music (7MB)
Music composed by Martin Boettcher for the movie based on the stories
of Karl May. Kalle ("Sunny") let's his electric guitar sing along to the theme.

>> "Dolphin's Dream" (request to hear >>) - Oud / Persian lute (8MB)
As an oasis in his live performance, on special occasions, Kalle ("Sunny") plays
his own music on an 'Oud', an exotic sounding 11-string Persian lute;
here set to the sound of ocean waves.

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